My journey with Nia has been one of tremendous personal growth. As a qualified Chartered Accountant, you are expected to know everything and know how to handle every situation life throws at you. You focus, and are thought, all the intellectual aspects of your job but the emotional and human elements are left for granted.

When she found me, I was employed as the General Manager for the South African division of a leading Insurance Brokerage and struggled with the high expectations this position required. I was drowning on all fronts and my emotional, physical and mental state was in an absolute mess.

When things at work got too much to handle, I contacted the CFO at my previous employer, begging for a job as I made the decision to resign irrespective if I had another job lined up or not. He declined and said that he feels I am not in the right head space to make such a decision and pointed me in Nia’s direction as she was coaching him to cope with the expectations of being a CFO.  I was frustrated by his response as I felt I needed a job and not a shrink and that as a mate, he would help me out. Nevertheless, he stood by his decision and I had two options, one, resign without the security of another job and adding further stress on my marriage and family or, two, take his advise and contact Nia.

I still had my resignation letter in my pocket when I first contacted her, out of desperation I must add, and I was very sceptical if she would be able to help and was irritated that my mate could not help me out. Nonetheless, I contacted her and again I was frustrated as her first words to me were “you are not allowed to resign, put the letter in your pocket and keep it there”. She explained that I was robbing myself of a tremendous growth opportunity and will fall in this spiral over and over if I do not systematically work through this. I must be honest, this all sounded like airy fairy talk and I just wanted a quick solution.

In the end, Nia convinced me to not resign and assured me that if I follow her instructions, she will help me become a high performer, not only at work but in all aspects of my life. The next few weeks were extremely tough as I followed her advice to the T and confronted all situations in a whole new way which did not come naturally to me. I just kept hanging onto her words and implement everything she recommended.

3 months after first contacting Nia, I got called in by the CEO and I thought to myself “here it is, now I don’t have to resign, they are letting me go and at least I am getting a parting bonus.” This could not be further from the truth. They promoted me to Chief Operating Officer as they felt this was more in line with my strengths and that I would be able to add value on this front. I was completely stunned by this. Here I was fretting for my job as I felt they were not satisfied with my performance, as Nia would put it “this is all in your head”, and then being promoted to the second highest position in the company.

I phoned up my CFO mate and thanked him that he did not offer me a job when I phoned him out of desperation. Even my wife the other day told me that she is a bit jealous of the personal journey I am on as she could see all the changes in my life. I am happier and more fulfilled than ever, as I tackle every situation with Nia’s voice constantly replaying in my head “remember your T bar”.

Nia has been such an influential and integral part of my personal growth and me and my family are forever indebted for the seeds that she has sown in my life.

All I can say is, “even Tiger Woods needs a coach”

As a Financial Manager of a major satellite TV service in Sub-Saharan Africa coaching has been a journey and it is an ongoing process.


For me, coaching creates the ability to understand situations and why I react in a certain manner.  It also assists me in understanding what I am good at and what I need to work on.  This allows me to apply more of the skills that I am good at and this then creates more opportunities where one can excel. Coaching is my journey to become an expert in terms of my own abilities.


You start to understand how your brain works. Coaching then provides the tools that assist you every day, for example understand that most tasks require a project plan.

Another good tool is to understand the difference between the emotions you feel and the facts, by identifying both you can run meetings or situations better. It improves how you feel overall.


Overall coaching is one of those things in life, that you ask yourself, why did I not start this sooner and how did I ever live without it.


Nia Maritz is this coach!

Being a scientist coaching has been a development method for me. The most valuable thing has been greater self-awareness and recognizing my skills and how to apply them.

I would recommend coaching to anyone who feels they would like to develop their skills and grow personally and professionally. This process helps you to identify your areas of strength and where you need to focus. It also gives a clear path to follow in order to achieve professional goals.

Nia has an amazing gift of understanding people and where they are at in their career and personal path. During her coaching sessions she is able to identify the areas that will provide the greatest benefit for self- development. She is always extremely positive and encouraging while at the same time pushing you out of your comfort zone.


I have gained a great deal from my sessions with her. She helps identify the areas that need to be developed and works on a practical plan to achieve these goals

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