Life with COVID-19 and going forward

We have entered a new era because of the global crisis due to COVID-19. Nothing will ever be the same for a lot of us.

So humanity is forced to slow down. Is this a coincidence? The universe has placed you on purpose in a situation of confinement, social isolation, economic slowdown so that you can finally take the time to answer questions about yourself and your life.

Understand what is important to you and what is really at stake in your life. The present moment is the best opportunity in your life for a total introspection about yourself and to understand yourself better. Refocus on how to adjust in business, generate income, staying essential in a work environment and maintaining and building relationships.

As a Life and Career Coach, I have been working in a virtual world for the past 4 years, 90% of the time. A major shift in how one engages and works happens. Marketing, an online presence, how to be more visible is what generates income and business. I have also coached entrepreneurs extensively, helping individuals make the transition, a shift in focus and fostering mental toughness.

I share my experiences, knowledge, and expertise during my coaching session. I help individuals, companies, and managers to keep their focus, find new ways of making things work and keeping a positive mindset.

To keep you focussed during the lockdown answer the most important questions that you keep asking yourself about your life, your work, and your current situation.

  • How do you find happiness in your life?

  • How to get control of your life and live in the moment.

  • How to get out of the vicious cycles you keep falling into?

  • What are your hidden talents and how to develop them?

  • What areas in your work are you successful in and will you have more chances of professional success?

  • What are the real challenges in your life

  • What is your true purpose?

If the 2020 lockdown is affecting the way you work, the way you think, or how you feel, then on-line coaching can help you cope. For more information email me at or phone +27 83 4584 866.