Can you help me find a new JOB?

I have had it with my boss! I am tired of the way they treat me. The company is restructuring. I hate my job, it's so boring. There is no career growth. I can't find work!

Questions and statements, I hear all too often.

You are unhappy in your live and think that a new and meaningful job or career will 'fix' how you feel. When you are out of a job and need to pay the bills, any job will do. You hope something magical will happen and hey presto!

You know a new job or career will do the trick.

The Reality

  • There is no magic wand. There are a few strategic tips that can improve the chances of finding a job or a career.

  • Finding a new job or career can take some time.

  • Rushing to a new job or career might not make you happier. You will still behave the same way. It will only be in a new environment with a new audience. How long before you feel trapped again?

  • Most important: You might miss an opportunity to develop new skills. Regardless of your situation.

  • You might need to stay in your current job or career while looking for a new opportunity.

It's important to move from a position of strength not weakness.

Discover what you are passionate about doing and what you are brilliant or good at doing in your career. Why? If you know what makes you passionate, brilliant or good it will give you clear direction and a strategy.

If you don't, then even the 'perfect' job or career will not fix your unhappiness or dissatisfaction. Regardless if the position pays well, gives huge incentives or is 5 minutes from home. It may mask the underlying reasons for a while.

This is where a Career Coach can help you change things around. A Coach will help you take responsibility for your happiness in your current work. Help you see things and deal with tough situations in a neutral way. It can be a company restructure or standing up to a boss or co-worker. Asking for flexible hours or delegating tasks you don't enjoy. Even asking for help. A Coach will help you change or you attitude and perception.

The benefit of having a Career Coach is that your Coach will brainstorm with you. Help you find a way to be comfortable where you are, for as long as it takes to find a new job or career. It allows you to avoid unnecessary complications. Stop you from quitting your job out of frustration or accepting a job offer that does not benefit you.

Unpleasant situations almost always disguise opportunities to learn and grow. You may miss a fantastic opportunity right where you are if you rush off.

13 Tips to improve your chance of finding a job or a career

  1. Your CV: It represents you. Is your CV a reflection of who you are?

  2. Social Profiles: They play a big part in how people perceive you. LinkedIn is a "go to" resource for recruiters and employers alike.

  3. Be Honest: Experienced interviewers is well skilled at discovering lies.

  4. Be Competent and Capable: The employer looks for work that is consistent.

  5. Be Confident: A confident approach will single you out as a candidate to take serious. Yet, be wary of being over-confident.

  6. Show Interest and Enthusiasm. Ask for more information and details about the company and position.

  7. Be Willing to accept Extra Work: If you are not a clock-watcher and willing to help out and do extra work, share that.

  8. Be Reliable: This will show that your previous employer could rely on you. That you take responsibility very serious and determined to complete a task.

  9. Be Willing and Committed: Would you give everything for the right job?

  10. Show initiative: Show how a company will benefit hiring you. Explain what value you have added to your previous organization.

  11. Be Assertive: Not overbearing. Do not be a “know-it-all”, but you also do not want to come across as being meek and mild.

  12. Show Loyalty: Employers always want to find total loyalty. Be aware of how you talk about a previous employer and colleagues.

  13. Team Work: You need to embrace team members and be able to work independent.

Companies do not hire negative, depressed and worried people. They hire those who can accept life as it is and see the good and positive side of it!

We'd love to hear your stories and experiences - share them by commenting below!


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