Job Performance Reviews - Why You Don't Have Staff Buy-In

The idea of having a job performance review for many high performers can unnerve them at any level.

This is also true for management performing the reviews.


They don't buy into the authenticity of the process.

Consulting, I walked the floors of many organisations. I also had thousands of conversations with people about their careers and frustrations. Commerce with different industries allowed me opportunity to understand operational impact and productivity.

The same patterns jumped out regardless the industry or type of organisation.

A big culprit is the relationship between directors, management and human resources. The ability to agree on how to do the review and what to measure performance against.

Another committer is the goal or outcome to achieve. More than often the goal changes at board or management level. This is not always communicated back or made clear. People interpret what makes an outcome successful in different ways. Unless the goal and the outcome of success is clear, the process does not add value.

Measurable goals and clear expectation of outcomes add value to any company bottom-line. More imperative for divisional success, is knowing the value every position adds.

Not knowing the value has a direct impact on performance review buy-in.

Especially when you are dealing with high performers. A high performer will always take on much more tasks and projects.

Measure performance against what the job needs to achieve for the team and not the person. It increases staff accountability, better recruitment of skills, staff retention and increases productivity.

This allows managers to identify bottle necks, non-performers and motivates productive staff.

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