Are You a Warrior at Work?

How can one bring more of the warrior to work? This quiz can help.

For some, the term “warrior” connotes violence or domination. But in its truest form, warrior energy is about a “never say never” attitude, a fierce determination to succeed, that we would all do well to tap into on a daily basis.

Take the Self-Quiz below to test whether you are being a warrior for your business and for yourself.

  1. I don’t let “reasons” stand in my way of getting the job done. If something isn’t working, I find anther way that will.

  2. I don’t let the fact that something is “hard” stop me. In fact, I do the hardest things first.

  3. My actions stem from my choices. Once I have chosen, I do whatever it takes (ethically) to accomplish my goals.

  4. When a task seems so huge that it is daunting, I break it down into simple, doable steps and start on the steps, one at a time.

  5. My mood doesn’t determine what I get accomplished. If I’ve committed myself to marketing tasks every Wednesday, for example, I don’t let “not being in the mood” for marketing take me out.

  6. I may feel fear, but I take action toward what I want in spite of that.

  7. I know that others have faced obstacles and somehow gotten around them, so I just let obstacles make me more determined.

  8. I’m aware that the biggest obstacles I’ll face are the negative statements that can crop up in my own mind, such as: “I can’t” or “It’s beyond me” or “I’ll fail.”

  9. If I don’t know what it will take to accomplish my goals, I find out.

  10. I feed and monitor my energy—physical, mental, emotional—so that I can consistently perform at my peak.

  11. When something needs to get done, I turn a laser focus onto it until it’s completed.

  12. I take the time to celebrate when I complete my goals, knowing that this feeds my strength to go onto the next one.

  13. If it’s something I want, nothing can stop me. I never give up.

If you answered true eight or fewer times, you may wish to explore how you can bring more of the warrior to your work. Please don’t hesitate to call for support in that exploration. Just call 0834584866 or mail me at Warrior@Work

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