10 Reasons Why it Rocks to Have a Career Coach

Are you stuck in a career rut? Maybe you dread waking up on Mondays and knowing that you have an entire day of work ahead of you?

Do you find yourself dragging your heals between the hours of 9-5, because you find the work so dull and unenjoyable?

If so, then you may benefit from a career coach. A career coach is someone whose job it is to help other people find the jobs that will make them most happy. If that sounds a bit cyclical, then stick with me and let me explain just why this can be lifechanging.

Fact: The Vast Majority of People Are NOT Excited By Their Work

When you were younger, you probably dreamed of doing something spectacular. Maybe you thought you’d be a movie star, maybe you were going to play sports for a living. Perhaps you planned to go into space.

These are the kinds of jobs that people dream about. You know what people don’t tend to dream about? Becoming a logistics supervisor. Or a data analyst. Or a toilet cleaner.

But it’s not just the outwardly ‘dull’ jobs that can be soul crushing. Even earning a huge salary in a big-city job can be a waking nightmare if it is something that you don’t enjoy. Imagine having that much stress piled on every single day… and feeling ‘trapped’ with no way to get out.

This is where a career coach can swoop in and save the day. Here are ten ways they can help…

10 Awesome Reasons to Get a Coach

1. You’ll Learn About Yourself

A great career coach starts by trying to understand you. They’ll figure out your goals, your motivations, your needs and more. All of this can be fascinating, and you may just find you learn more about yourself in the process. Maybe the thing you really need from your career isn’t so complicated as you at first thought.

2. You’ll Boost Your Confidence

A career coach will help you to better understand your own choices, to find your best skills and to set a course that you can commit to. All of these things will help you to boost your confidence and feel that much better about yourself and your work.

3. You Might Find Your ‘Life’s Purpose’

Listen to any coach like Tony Robbins and they’ll shout about the benefits of finding a ‘life purpose’ and how this can help your life to suddenly make a lot more sense.

The thing is… they’re not lying! Having an idea of what makes you really happy and what you’re good at, really does help you to gain a new perspective. We’re not promising that a career coach can do that for you… but they can certainly increase your chances of figuring it out.

4. You’ll Learn About New Options

A career coach will be able to give you lots of great advice when it comes to finding the right job. What’s more though, is that they can also provide you with the best options by suggesting jobs that you may not have thought of.

5. You’ll Find Out Your Priorities

And more than that, you’ll also learn about other ways to balance your work and lifestyle. Maybe that could mean doing two part time jobs? Or setting up a home business? Your options are not just limited to ‘which job’ you choose!

This is called ‘lifestyle design’ and it’s all about working to support the lifestyle you want (rather than the other way around). What matters most to you? And how does that determine your decisions?

6. You’ll Find What You’re Good At

One job of a career coach is to help you identify your skills. This in turn will help you to better decide which jobs are right for you.

7. It’s Therapeutic

A job coach is not a therapist… and yet there is a certain therapeutic benefit to be had from speaking about your jobs. The role of any therapist or counselor after all is to talk you through your problems, give you somewhere to vent and help you understand that you aren’t alone in feeling the way you do.

As it happens, one of the biggest sources of stress for many of us is our careers. Finally speaking to someone about how stressful or unrewarding your work has been, can sometimes feel like lifting a massive weight off your shoulders.

8. It’s Proactive and a Step in the Right Direction

And part of the reason that coaching of this kind is so therapeutic, is that it provides you with a way out. Even before you start to make any headway, seeing a career coach means that you are committing to making a change and deciding that you’re going to do something about your current predicament. That’s an amazing feeling.

9. It Could Lead to a Big Raise

A career coach is a smart investment. Instead of looking around for jobs aimlessly, why not go to a professional who can match your skills with the best jobs out there? You’re highly likely to progress your career faster as a result… and that could mean a bigger income!

10. It Could Lead to Your Ideal Job

Better yet, a career coach can help you to find a job you love. And while it’s cheesy, if you truly love what you do, then you’ll never work a day in your life! Imagine what life would be like if you couldn’t wait to get into work every day!

So, there you have it: ten amazing reasons to find a coach.

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